Allan Klyde Morris, but just call me “Klyde”! Baby Boomer, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Pastor, “Aussie”! Born in Bathurst. Lived in Moree as a young kid and then foster homes on the central coast of NSW. Together with Leiana, my beautiful wife of 44 plus years, I now live in the centre of the universe at Wyee, NSW, Australia.
I love family, sport, good food and have a genuine gift of relaxation!. I am addicted to all good music & guitars.

I have been a communications technical Officer, labourer, factory hand, office manager, teacher, unemployed and for a short while a professional musician. I hasten to add that it was in the days when all you needed to do was know three chords and sing roughly in tune. For the greater part of my adult life I served as a Christian Pastor (35 plus years!). I only wanted to be a full time guitar player for God but the pastor thing caught us all by surprise!

There is no “Production Perfection” or “Musical Mastery” to be found here. Just a good, honest musical expression of who I am & the world according to Klyde! Some of the songs will be too long by pop standards, but that’s OK. For me the story is more important than meeting a 3 minute deadline. Besides there’s always room for another guitar bit! There is an expectation to “tag” your music and I try hard to do so. Bluesy? Folksy? Country? You decide and let me know, please!

Don’t share my views of the world we live in? Have a listen anyway on a music level. You’re welcome in my world. I need all the friends I can get! I’ve listened to a lot of music over the years where I certainly didn’t share the political or social views expressed. But I certainly loved the music produced and honour the artists ability to share their world with me. Maybe you can do the same with my effort.

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