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If you have stumbled across this site or been directed by a personal email etc., Welcome! Over the next few months, as I become familiar with the whole process of web pages and blogging etc. I hope you can develop a good understanding of who I am and what I am about. I especially hope that even in the event of totally opposing world views and philosophies, that together we can develop a healthy, friendly dialogue that will benefit us all.

The first reason for the website was the final release of three music recordings I have just completed. Each album, including “It’s Christmas” contains “Story”, “Statement” & “Life” songs. They all have a foundation in blues, country and folk. There is no rule that says we have to love the musical offerings of our friends etc. Music is so diverse in styles etc. I have already had close friends offer varying opinions. “The music is great” – Indicating to me that they really don’t appreciate my vocals! “I laughed, I cried, I worshipped. I love it”– Indicating to me that they really enjoyed it but are probably a little biased by friendship. No response at all – Indicating they’re probably still thinking about it! All I ask is that you just give it a good serious listen. Whatever your response, we’re still mates!

The second function of this web page will be to develop my writing skills. Because of the vocation I found myself, in I have always been responsible for producing “words”; Sermons, pastors notes, magazine bits etc. I will attempt to write a short piece every couple of days and add my voice to the billions competing to be heard in our world. I am currently trying real hard to complete three books I started writing at the same time I began recording the three CD’s just completed. I know! One thing at a time. Hopefully these shorter “blogs” will fine tune what I am trying to do. Stay tuned!

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